Junk Car Buddy Actually Buys Junk Cars

Unlike most nationally known auto salvage services, Junk Car Buddy is more than a website and a call center. Our roots are on the ground dirty hands and muddy boots auto salvage work. By combining excellent customer service with ethical business practices, Roscoe's Hauling & Salvage Co. found success in buying and recycling unwanted vehicles in Central VA. We still offer service in this area to this day so we stay in touch with the industry as it evolves in the field.

Attention-Getting Advertising

One of the things that really set Roscoe's apart from other junk car buyers was how we advertised. It was hard to miss the ads and anytime someone was searching for junk car buyers, Roscoe's was the first company they found.

Not only did this get the attention of people who wanted to sell junk cars, but It also got the attention of other business owners that wanted help advertising their own businesses.

This led to the creation of a digital marketing agency, Sensible Services, that specializes in local services and automotive brands. This of course included, you guessed it, companies that buy junk cars in service areas, not in direct competition with us.

Junk Car Advertising Evoloution

Sensible Services ran into the same problem time and again when helping other haulers buy junk cars. Many don't have a website, and if they did, it was not optimized for search engines and was just as bad as a landing page for pay-per-click ads. Helping each company create a new website from scratch, and getting it optimized for a great customer experience was time-consuming and costly.

We could get much better results using one website optimized for search engines, with dedicated landing pages for each company. That was when Junk Car Buddy was born.

Fixing several problems with one service.

When we launched Junk Car Buddy we knew there were already national lead generation services such as Junk Car Guys, Clunker Chunker, Tirezy, and Petal just to name a few. We have used these services ourselves. While they all work, this method is not without problems. Delays in service, miscommunication about price & condition, and loss of profit on every single unit you buy through them.

Junk Car Buddy does not charge for leads. This is a membership-based service that puts lead prospects directly in touch with your dispatch. No middle man! Customers are directed to a dedicated landing page for your location with information about your company and your specific services. We include a variety of ways to contact you as well as a dynamic form that gives leads an opportunity to tell you all about the vehicle they want to sell.

Not wanting to stop at just making a better service for the junk car buyers. We wanted to make sure that individuals looking to sell their unwanted vehicles had a better experience as well.

Junk car buddy wants to ensure the highest quality service for our customers. We have a list of requirements to make sure that the companies we partner with are customer service oriented, licensed to do what they do, and demonstrate ethical business practices. We always verify licenses and local reviews. If they don't meet our standards, they don't get in the clubhouse! That simple.

Access More, as a Member

In addition to leads, we help our partners get the most from each vehicle they purchase resulting in consistent higher prices paid to the consumers they purchase from. We recently launched this service and are interviewing new companies to onboard now. We will be expanding our service area but only as quickly as we can partner with qualified licensed companies in more areas. Great customer service and Ethical business practices will continue to be the standard as this service grows.

Through the years that this company has grown and evolved, we have never forgotten our humble beginnings. We will always strive to do better, to be honest, and offer the best possible service we can. For this reason, we will always be available for your questions, comments or to try and solve a problem for you. Give our customer service a call any time at 800-416-6227

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