How do I get Cash for my Junk Car in Minneapolis?

Junk Car? Get us some info about the unwanted vehicle, its condition, and general location so we can make an accurate offer for it.

No Worries Towing comes to you! Get us a good day and time to come to you to buy your junk car truck or van.

Get cash paid, on the spot for your unwanted vehicle. No Worries Towing will haul it away immediately.

Have a junk car truck or van in Minneapolis Minnesota or a surrounding area? Don't let it just sit there collecting rust, giving snakes and spiders a place to live. Turn that eyesore into income with a quick call to No Worries Towing. We pay cash on the spot for complete vehicles in any condition.

-No Worries will come to YOU.

-No Worries pays in CASH.

-No Worries will haul or junk or unwanted vehicle away IMMEDIATELY.

Ready to get started? We have a few basic requirements that must be met before we can buy your junk vehicle.

#1 the vehicle MUST be titled in your name. We only buy cars from the legal documented owners, no exceptions!

#2 the title must be "open/clear" and have no liens. This includes payday loans and buy here pay here.

#3 to get the cash for cars, we like to buy "complete" vehicles. This means it must have its engine, transmission, wheels, tires, battery, and catalytic converter. Small missing items such as a stereo or a headlight are generally not an issue but a large number of parts or any bigger part missing may result in a lower price paid. Please tell our dispatcher when you call if you think it may be a question at the time of pickup!

No Worries Towing will, of course, be paying you (in cash) for the junk vehicle, the prices vary based on model and location but most bring $200 - $300 per complete car but a price will be confirmed with you before an appointment is set. There is absolutely no cost to contact us and the phone calls are all toll-free. If you have any questions whatsoever we encourage you to use the Contact Form for a quote or feel free to call. 763-333-4627

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No Worries Towing

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Blaine, MN 55434

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No Worries Towing buys junk cars and light trucks in most any condition.

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 (763) 333-4627


JCB Member Since: 3-1-2021

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No Worries Towing is a licensed & insured towing service based out of Blane, MN offering junk car removal in and around Minneapolis Minnesota.


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